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Children’s Books called NANNY’S BOOKS now published

Thank you for helping me celebrate 200 writings over the last two years.  My stats tell me that over 25,000 people have logged into Boyer Writes.  We are grateful for all those throughout the world who love our blog.

Now we are asking you to help us with a new venture in 2012.   I am publishing some of my writings and will also have a children’s series called  NANNY’S BOOKS.  As you know, my real name is Nancy, but my twin grandchildren call me “Nanny”…thus the title.

Each of these NANNY BOOKS deals with a “teachable moment” between parent, grandparent and child.   Nanny’s “Work” Book deals with responsibility.   Nanny’s Monster Book talks about unfounded fears that children may have.   The use of characters such as dogs, squirrels, cats and birds photographed by N. Boyer help tell the stories.  To preview these books, go to these links and then forward this writing to those you know who have children.   It will be appreciated.   After previewing, click “buy” symbol if you want to purchase.

Link to Nanny’s “Work” Book preview. 

Link to Nanny’s Monster Book preview

NANNY'S "WORK" BOOK about responsibility

NANNY'S MONSTER BOOK dealing with childhood fears

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