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Florida Wetlands Photography

The Florida wetlands are extremely important.   We are not only talking of lakes and streams, but of marshes, blogs and swamps.  Just say the word, “swamp” and one immediately envisions  a terrible place with alligators and snakes.   Actually, the wetlands may also be small wet areas along side home sites, as I have just down the street from my house.   These wetlands are filled with water yearly and become drier in certain other times.    They have important functions:  Filters and clean our ecosystems and provides habitat for wildlife and plants.  They also collect and hold flood waters.   In Florida, we are often dealing with severe storms and hurricanes.   These areas absorb winds as well as heavy rains and waters.

When photographing these wetland areas, I often notice how really beautiful they are.  The plants and trees are especially beautiful on foggy mornings.   The cypress knees push up in the waters surrounded by the cypress trees,  whose branches are often  perches for cormorants, egrets and squirrels.

It is my privilege to share with you a presentation of photography shot just this morning of the wetlands of central Florida.  (USA)

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