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Our Talents are Our Gift from God.. “Willing to be Willling”

I am a writer and photographer. My background has been teaching.  This has been my talent and somehow we know instinctively what our talents are.  As we are younger, we believe that these talents may lead us to a  great career or even to some fame.

It is always amazing  to hear the stories of how God moves the lives of people in a direction that they do not believe would ever be possible….and certainly not what was envisioned.    Never in a million years would I believe that I would look back at the times God seemed to fling me out into an unknown area such as Mongolia or Ukraine to do my teaching.  Nevertheless, I opened my heart to say, “ God, I am willing to be willing.”

Today I would like to feature in this writing, a young lady that I have never met.  Her name is Amy Woodell.  You will hear Amy say that her ambitions as a clothing designer had been to launch out into places of high fashion, possibly  like New York.   It only took one mission trip to Africa to change her life and direction.

I only have one thing to say to Amy:   “You were willing to be willing as you reached out to the people in this part of the world.  God had plans and continues to have plans for the wonderful work you are doing.   Someday, you will look back …and be totally amazed. We may not know this side of heaven what our work, teaching, or sharing of ourselves have meant to those we touch…but God does. ”


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