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3rd writing for Lent ” No Contest”

Job asks the universal question..WHY?

During Lent, we are writing about Job, who was totally upright before God.  Satan had something to prove to God:

  • A believer will curse God under the right conditions.
  • The body controls the spirit of man for it is weak.
  • God does not really have the love of man for man will crumble under pressure.

Job was greatly suffering, but he was not making Satan’s accusations  the truth.  Even when his friends tried to tell him that it was no use and that something he had done was causing his misery, Job refused to curse his Maker.    This did not mean that he was unable to express his emotions and even his discouragement.   For Job wanted to know:

  • How can a mortal be just before God?   ( Job Chapters 9-10)
  • How can one really speak to God for He is the Remover of mountains and Maker of the Universe?
  • How can he, a mere man, understand these great things that God does?
  • Who dares to speak to God and says “What are you doing?”

Job believes that though he is innocent, anything he would say would only condemn him.  He also feels helpless in his suffering because he knows his days may be numbered.  In fact, there is no contest!    He is mortal and God is All Powerful.

Job says,”  I loathe  my life…I will speak to the bitterness of my soul.  I will say to God, Do not condemn me. let me know why you contend against me. Does it seem good to oppress the work of my hands and favor the schemes of the wicked?…remember that You have fashioned me…”

Why, why, why?   This is the universal question. Often all we have in our faith is to lay it all out before God and plead with Him for mercy, especially when we don’t understand the circumstances.  Deep, deep in our souls we have to believe that a time of testing is not what God truly wants…for He is a God of Love and Compassion.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my whole heart God’s and His will or am I reserving a part for myself..plans.. or ambitions?
  • Am I willing to give all my sorrows and mistakes to Christ?
  • Regardless of any outcome, will my last breath be one of honor to the Maker of the universe?

Sit back and quietly surround yourself with a quiet spirit before God as you listen to the music below and contemplate your answers to the above questions.

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