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6th writing for Lent: Taking a Break to Meditate Among the Cherry Trees

This week is the 4th Sunday of Lent which for some is traditionally called Laetare Sunday  or to others… Refreshment Sunday or Rose Sunday. In England, it is also the Mothering Sunday when children pick flowers and lay them on the altar of the Mother church in honor of their mothers. In Western Christianity for those who fast as part of their self-examination, this Sunday  allows one to be relaxed from the fast and take a little break…thus “Refreshment Sunday”. Therefore in honor of tradition, this 6th writing of Lent is taking a detour from the Book of Job.

The Japanese gave the people of the United States beautiful trees that bloom in early spring.   The video below gives us a view of some other wonderful gardens and music for our meditation during this season of Lent.

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