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7th writing of Lent: Undeserved Suffering… God’s Fault or Ours?

The questions that all religions and people of the world wrestle with is WHY?    Why do people suffer when they have apparently done no wrong?  Can we trace the root cause to any of the following?

  • Original sin of man
  • Choices that are made by men and women.
  • Decisions  that are made for  or about people by their governments or rulers

It is definite that God has given free will to men.  They are not puppets.  He wants us to love Him and to do the right and just thing to each other.

The story of Job in the Hebrew and Christian Holy Scriptures is a story that can be found similarly throughout the world in various beliefs.  Suffering has no boundaries.  It is usually men bringing on other men a constant rivalry that leads to pain.

For Job, suffering  was  caused by a heavenly battle between Satan and God with Job caught in the middle.  On the surface it seems so unfair.  In Job’s case, God brings  happiness to him in the end.  This is not true for so many.    Begging the question….Why does a loving God allow this…or does it once again make a large circle back to man and his decisions …or things like environmental pollution that makes one sick?  Is it God’s fault or ours?

Below is a video by Biography “Mysteries of the Bible”.  Those who analyze  the story of Job and the question of suffering do not represent Christian thought…but do challenge us  as mature Christians  to ponder many questions during this time of Lent and soul-searching.

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