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FASCINATING PEOPLE AND PLACES: King’s College Chapel-England

This writing will mark the beginning of a series that I call: FASCINATING PEOPLE AND PLACES

During my writings on Lent, you were able to hear the wonderful voices of King’s College choirs. You may also want to know some of the history of this chapel.

This beautiful chapel  took hundreds of years to build.  Kings College Chapel endured the murder of the King who proposed building it; civil war, and the bombs of World War II.   During this last war, the stained glass was mostly removed to insure safety and give an opportunity to clean it. (That is, of course, if one was not busy running for a bomb shelter!)

When touring the Chapel, enlarge the screen and use your mouse to properly see every part, even the ceiling which has the largest stained glass in the world. You can also tour room by room when you click on the Navigate  tab to do so. Enjoy!

Tour the Chapel

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