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Getting Away from it ALL…on a bike!

This is BIKE WEEK in the small town near my home in Florida.  Tens of thousands will be riding into town with hair blowing in the wind and sometimes “their woman” on the back.  It is great for a faltering  economy because the restaurants come alive and the local vendors make  in a few days what they can’t in months.

I have also found out that bikers come in all definitions:

  • Some are wealthy and sport a BMW bike…some not.
  •  Some are obnoxious….ready to have too many beers…and others not.
  •   Some have lots of faith and want to share it with others (see bikers at prayer above)…others do not.
  • Many are patriotic vets, sporting their branch of service…others have not served.
  • Bikers ride for charities and are generous…etc.   (You get the point.)

No one is going to put this group in a box.   They ride and they like to feel free.

Did you ever think it might be great to just get away from it all…something like a biker may do?  Just take a long trip to who knows where…seeing what you can see and meeting whomever you can meet?  If you are a guy, let your hair and beard just grow.  No one is going to care…for you are a biker.

Christoph Rehage did just that. The fact is that he walked everywhere he went, but  in the video below, he gives us a time-lapse view of the places he went…as on a bike.   For bikers, it would have been some ride!


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