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Gender Equality….Can a Woman Do That?

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Women come in all sizes and in a range of intelligence.   Sometimes they choose homemaking as their profession.  Others reach into the “male world” at their peril.  “Can a Woman do that?” one may ask.

Women have moved out in front when no one else would.

  •   They have led armies (Joan of Arc)
  •    Led women of mercy to the poorest people on earth (Mother Theresa)
  •    Heads of  governments  (Margaret Thacher of England and Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany )
  •    Built homes and families in challenging places (The Women of the Wild West)
  •    Kept homes together and children happy.  (Single, Widowed, and Divorced Mothers)
  •    Minority women had to break through barriers.

When I was teaching in Mongolia, I asked the women that were part of my class, what did they want in a man.  They mostly talked about wanting someone who was sober, clean and loyal.   Women have at times picked up the burden  when men had addiction problems, rendering a useless contribution to the family.  (I am certain that this has been true of men in the reverse.)

Now, I will have to admit that I depend on my big,6′ 5″  man for many things.  He is not only supportive emotionally, but is great at reaching high places that I can not; taking lids off jars, and much more too many to mention.   We, of course, are not talking about the physical things that many women also accomplish…but of a woman’s acceptance in this world.  Preconceived ideas have not given her credit.

If I had to relive some of my formative years, I  think I would have studied architecture rather than education. That is if my math teachers had not been the coach who sat on his desk talking sports instead of teaching math.   It was accepted in my youth to think of being a nurse or teacher…not a doctor or scientist.. Nonetheless, I did have someone tell me recently that their daughter was now a teacher because I was her teacher in middle school.  That, of course,  made my day.   My congratulations to a young woman named Erin, who is most talented in music, for heading this Fall to college to study mathematics.  Yes, Erin, you can do it!

Congratulations also to women who still hold onto dignity, sobriety, and making life worthwhile for the family around them.   Follow your light…never look back or think something is too hard.  Where there is a will there is a way, as the old saying goes.

I would like to introduce you to Gail Harris.  She hung in there to achieve great things for her gender and her race.

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