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Mothers and Robins Have Much in Common

This Sunday we honor Mothers on a special day.   Not all Mothers will be appreciated, but most will be.  I am one of the lucky ones for out of four children, I have three that will say nice things and it is so appreciated.

What is it to be a mother?

Not only does a mother wait for the birth, but afterwards her life is never the same.  To give a count of all the things that a mother does in one day might be impossible. For instance,  how many meals does a mother  prepare for hungry mouths in just one year?  Does anyone keep track?   How many beds has she made or dishes has she washed….maybe even after a long day at work?

Just thinking about the food preparation,  for some Mothers it is not easy to feed everyone the way she would like. We know that our food pantries have had many visitors during this recession.  “Flying off”  to get something to feed the family could be monumental.  Ask any robin if you can slow her down long enough in her busy schedule.

Many things that mothers do over the years are largely forgotten, but probably not by her.    I remember when I was a single parent with a good education, but barely making ends meet for three children.  Sometime around Halloween, I started thinking about Christmas.    Yard sales were a good place to find something almost new, like a record player or a doll.   Hidden until wrapped, these special gifts were new to my children on Christmas morning.  No one was unhappy. Today they are grown and have no idea that this was the way things were then …for times are so much better now.

I also remember the first time that my husband and I realized that we were alone and “our nest” was empty.   There had always been so much activity and voices around our house.

I watched a bird prepare a nest outside my window last spring.  She flew in and out with a different twig in her bill.  Finally, the eggs were there and she sat for hours protecting and warming them.  Then one heart breaking moment came, a snake crawled up the tree and ate the eggs.  Life is like that.  Unpredictable, sad, but we mothers keep on working regardless until the nest is no longer needed.  Perhaps the robin in this video below felt as much surprise when she found all her “darlings” were gone!   Where did those years go?

Thanks to Fred Margueles, who patiently took this video, we can see a real mother who faithfully did her work even until the day she was no longer needed.   (Turn up your sound)


  You deserve a special day!

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