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Mongolia, the Land at the Ends of the Earth, is Changing

Ever thought of going to Mongolia?   I count it a great privilege that I was able to go there two times.  The first was to teach Middle School Teachers how to teach English.  The second time was a Christian mission trip to help the homeless street children.   This was a number of years ago and through the internet and a visit from one of my students to the USA, I have found that their revolution has made great changes. When the Berlin Wall was falling in the 199o’s, little notice was taken of the Mongolians who took to the streets and declared their independence from an occupying Russia after seventy years.   Mongolia was free to join the rest of the world in their search for democracy and a freedom to choose. Choosing is what they are doing!   They now can speak and write their own language.   They also can worship as they wish.  The capital city of Ulaan Baatar is booming.  Foreign businesses have moved in and built new buildings and in the countryside one can find co-ops that have given the people hope.   Organizations like Mercy Corp and World Vision have shown the people a way to develop their own talents and survive doing so.               You will find everything from Camel polo to new private businesses and modern-day music making.   Nevertheless, if you want to meet some of the friendliest, most sincere people in the world….take a plane to Beijing and then a short airplane ride to Mongolia.  You will be able to look down on the Gobi Desert as you travel.  Your life will never be the same.  Mine hasn’t been!  



The traditional Mongolian house is called a Ger.  They can be seen throughout the country-side.  Easy to move from place to place where they may need grass for their animals. See the video below.

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