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My last writing was about the landfills around the country seeing the death of pianos.  Today I will share with you  a very interesting story about a piano, a mother and father and a young boy.   You decide if this was a born prodigy or if the parents desires to shape a child gave him this gift?    What does this say to all people who are parenting these days?

Ariel Lanyi  has grown up in Israel.  His parents wanted him to be exposed to music from the first day of his birth.  They did not want him to come home to a house without a piano, so they negotiated to buy one.  Neither parent played the piano, but this little baby would grow up hearing music of the great masters from day one.  Little did they know what this would do to his life.

The parents had confidence and the child had exposure.  Maybe this is the answer to our educational problems in the USA.  and perhaps around the world.   The involved parent…the dedicated parent…the parent who cares may be the greatest gift a child can have in his or her life time.  It may mean the difference between a child seeking acceptance outside the home…even for some a life of crime and violence or  developing the God-given talents that he has been placed  deep within his mind and heart.   We might even say God-given and parent-given.

Not every family can afford to give a child the best of everything, but they can give of themselves and foster the talents that are there.  At first Ariel taught himself to play the piano because it was there for him to reach before the age of three.   Later he would have lessons.   His father was amazed that Ariel knew at a very young age what key a piece of music was being played.

The video below will  introduce you to a family that provided confidence as well as exposure to the world of music.    This boy is now being called a prodigy or even a genius.   He does not like those terms, but nevertheless believes that he may truly be a genius someday.   I would guess that he will be and it started with a mother and father who said that they could not take  him home  to a house without a piano.   Oh, for the family that would love to have one of those pianos in the landfills.  (See previous writing for the full story.)  It is also interesting to know that Ariel, who is now a teenager, also speaks fluently Hebrew, English and Russian.

After you view video 1, be sure to come back to video 2 to see Ariel perform on the piano.



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