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During my stay in Mongolia, I was able to visit a Ger.  This is a tent-like house with a hole in the top for smoke to escape.  It has one door and there are special things one does when entering, as the custom may be. If you happen to be a special guest, you will be allowed to sit next to the elder in the group.   I sat next to an elderly man who told his story of being rescued in the desert by a Christian.  He would have died had it not been for this man.  As a result, he also became a Christian.  His eyes sparkled as he told his story through an interpreter.

My Mongolian students, who grew up in a ger, told me it was quite cozy in the gers.  Everyone slept in the big space together.  Even animals were taken it at times.  No such thing as privacy, I am certain.

My husband and I have thought about where we would like to build a house when we sell the one we have.   If we lived as many Mongolians live, we could just pick up our house and take it with us.  It would be good if we had camels to carry the load.   Take it down; move to a new place; and set it up again.   I am certain that one would have to make friends quickly in this new place.   Perhaps that is why all Mongolians show hospitality when someone comes to see them at their ger home.   You may be invited to sample their fermented mare’s milk.   If you have a more formal meal, you, as guest of honor, may be offered the special delicacy…the eye of a lamb.     I never had that privilege I am happy to say.

Would you like to see how moving the ger  is done?    Thanks to a fellow-blogger, Lauren Knapp, who has spent some time recently in Mongolia, we have a video clip to show you just how it works.   This ger move was in Khovd Province.

Moving Day in Mongolia from Lauren Knapp on Vimeo.

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