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VOICE FROM THE PAST “There is no such thing as public money…only tax payers money.”

In the midst of turmoil around the world and collapse of many economies, it may be prudent to listen to a voice from the past.   This voice gives us a  “FUNDAMENTAL TRUTH”.   The only thing that she says that is not factual in the world today is “… the only public money we have is from the tax payer…”   When this Head Of State spoke, there was no CHINESE LENDER.   She would have not believed the debt that nations have accrued and expect someone…anyone….to bail us out with interest.

Until the election is over, I plan to write about various things that have to do with our future here in the United States.   After that, we will all need a break.

This video was made in the 80’s…a voice from the past… Listen carefully.

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