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Florida Cracker What is in a Name?

Florida Cracker Horse

Just what is a CRACKER?    If you live in the USA…and down south in Florida, you may have been asked if you are a Florida Cracker?  Most people do not even know what the term means, but think of it as someone who was born in Florida.

The real meaning is the cracking noise that Florida cowboys made with their whips.  In fact, there is also a Florida Cracker Horse.   Now, this is a “cracker” that you do not want to miss.   If you are one of our winter visitors or have moved to Florida because of our wonderful winters, you may want to know more about Florida history.  We are surely known for our oranges and great things that we grow here.  However, there are many things that roam our state and that are useful to all of us.   Watch this video.  See this wonderful “Florida cracker” with the funny gait.    Come on down, “you all”.  Florida has more to offer than you can imagine! Don’t be fooled. We are more than Disney World and smooth sand beaches. Take a look.

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