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Sunday, October 21 More than politics….try observing the Universe!

In the scheme of things, we are most small.   I thought of this  as I watched the early morning sky for the meteor showers predicted to occur this day.  Perhaps you were watching also from a dark part of your yard….or in a fancy observatory like this one at right.  Of course you were!

How vulnerable we are.  Everything seems so far away. Yet, these words were read just  a few days ago:

” A small asteroid  that exploded over the San Francisco Bay Area on  Oct. 17th, shaking houses with its sonic boom, might have scattered pieces of itself on the ground. That’s the conclusion of Peter Jenniskens of the NASA Ame Research Center.”

One never knows what may fall out of the sky from this vast universe where we live.  Our lives are in His Hands and we hope the Hands are friendly.  None the less, we gaze with amazement at what we don’t really understand completely.  We ask the questions of millions throughout the ages:
What is out there?   Are our loved ones that have left this life enjoying the mysteries of the universe?    Will God take us by the hand and show us everything He has created?   How really big is space?

Enough of my thoughts. Looking at my clock, it is 3:53 am.  Everyone is asleep in my house except me.  It is probably time to go back on the balcony and see if there is any movement in the sky.   After all, there is much more to enjoy….more than politics which at this time we are all consumed with here in the USA.  What a relief to know that when every vote is counted, the sky will not have completely fallen and life will continue.

This Sunday morning, it would be good also to hear something that reminds us of God’s creation.   The Heavens are Telling…..

Just in case you are a sleepy head that could not think of being up at pre-dawn, this is what it was all about, ( If you are now listening to the music video, you can also click on the video below and hear both at the same time.  Enjoy. )

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