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Indoctrination of American Students

Brigette Gabriel

 Brigette Gabriel was the guest speaker at the Anti- Shariah Conference in Tennessee.  She is an emigrant to the United States from Lebanon who is the American founder of ACT which is the American Congress for Truth  Some have called her “extreme” in her view point, but she has an answer for this:   Gabriel claims she gives voice to “what many in America are thinking but afraid to say out loud, for fear of being labeled a racist, bigot, Islamophobic, or intolerant.”  

   On the video below, she is speaking about our American public school system and what is being taught  beginning in 7th grade.     If, indeed, she is correct, all Americans have a grave concern.  Our young people may be indoctrinated without parent realization or permission.  If you are a parent, it may be a good thing to ask your school system to see their curriculum on different cultures.   You may also want to ask about the separation of church and state as it has to do with teaching a particular religion in the classroom where may faiths are represented.

You decide what you think about the message from Brigette Gabriel.

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