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Is the Art of Conversation going out …or are we becoming idiots?

It has occurred to me that more and more people are not conversing, as we once have done.    It may be a minimal decline to the Art of Conversation, but I am wondering if the future generations will be able to talk.   If one believes in evolution (and I am a creationist), then there will be no need for the voice.    Kidding, of course!    Yet, something to think of when we see parents in a restaurant on their phones and children playing their games with very few words or smiles exchanged.  I have even heard of teens texting each other when sitting across the table.  I’m not certain how often this actually happens.

Then, of course, for those without an electronic device, there   may be as many as three TV’s on all corners of the restaurant…just in case we should not want to miss our favorite team or soap opera.  Going out….ordering a lovely meal…paying a big price….and feeling that the person or people  we are with are  highly distracted is not an idea of a wonderful evening.

The other day I was trying to enjoy a delicious Italian meal and the TV was playing some type of reality show.  I kept noticing that the parents were screaming at a teenage boy to “get out of bed ”  with no results. I finally asked the waitress if we could change it to a “travel” channel…or something with beautiful scenery. (She did.)  I guess I could have asked her to turn it off, but was trying to be courteous to the owner who had spent good money to install the TV…. thinking that all customers require it!      Really?    Is this what we have come to?      Albert Einstein said something ….perhaps ahead of  his time….

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.    I wish this was not true.

GIRLS ENJOYING THE PICTURES IN A MUSEUM…or maybe they are looking up the artist.

BEING WITH FRIENDS AT A DINNER TABLE….or conversing with each other electronically

NOTHING LIKE A DAY AT THE BEACH…catching up with what is going on.

IT’S GREAT THAT WE COULD MEET….check to see if anyone is coming so we can talk.

No offense to those fine people shown in these pictures.   We are certain that they are highly intelligent, interested in their future and love their families.    The problem is what will the future be?

The real art of conversation is looking into the eyes of those who we care about enough to enjoy a few minutes  of  common interests.   They say the eyes are  the “mirror to the soul”.   Maybe those eyes are saying something the lips have not said….like I think you would make a great business partner….or I really like you or maybe even love you…etc.  One thing is certain, one can not know through  a text message  those unspoken things that the warmth of a  real conversation reveals.


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