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……As I watched  BLACK FRIDAY crowds on TV…not to mention the ones on Thanksgiving Day,  my feelings were of amazement.  I had questions:

  •  Did people get a rush out of being in huge crowds?
  •  Do people really save so much on these  occasions that they wait all year for this big event?
  • What does this say to the world…especially the parts of the world living in war…or hunger..about the people of the United States of America?
  • Is it greed or have things become our God…or our other Master?
  • How many of these people are on assistance from the government? (Your tax dollars and mine)   Is a gigantic, flat-screen TV a necessity?
  • Why would anyone pregnant go to such a riot?  (And there were some that went to the hospital)

My questions were even magnified when I heard that in Tallahassee, Florida someone had actually followed a person who bought the last available item to the parking lot and shot the person.    Stores had  to beef up their security  because of  theft and the potential  violence. At a Walmart store, the security guards wrestled a shoplifting suspect to the ground…with the person dying later.  (This is under investigation. )  All of this is truly insane!

Maybe on-line shopping is not such a bad idea.  Perhaps stores could close their doors for one day and ask customers to go on-line for the great deals.  That way, we can sit in the quiet of our homes and ask the all-time great question….”Do I really need this?”     It might help the panic buyers to be a little more careful.   It would also give the over-worked employees, who missed their Thanksgiving dinner with family, a deserved break.

If you were ever tempted to go to the Malls on Black Friday in America….you may want to think again.

People of the United States,  take a look at yourself.      This, you won’t believe!!

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