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Respect….is it a thing of the past?

elder1When I spent time in Asia, I found that the culture truly does respect their elderly and senior citizens.   They give them the best seat and guests often will be placed next to the oldest person in their home.  I found it somewhat odd that in Japan so many of the older women dye their hair and still seem to honor those of us with hair that is snow white.older woman

Nevertheless, it makes us wonder why in the United States, people seem so impatient with the elderly.  “They drive too slowly…and maybe should not be driving at all.” some would say.   Behind those weak knees, bent bodies, and the slow movement on walkers is a life-time of knowledge and experience.   That very person that drove too slowly and seemed too long in turning, may have also been the one who carried a buddy to safety during World War II.   The woman with the wrinkled face could have been the nurse who kept your Grandfather alive… to come home and someday hold  you on his knee.

older lady“Honor your Mother and Father” was written for a reason.   We may not give credit to those who deserve it. We hope respect is not something of the past.   Just be careful when you decide to honk your horn at that old guy or gal….it may come back to haunt you.

(My friend, Kelly, often sends me videos with a real truth. )   See what you think. Turn on your sound, enlarge the picture and watch closely.


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