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Having just returned from a trip to England and Scotland, we have a renewed sense of what seems to be important  in these countries:     tradition, history, music and worship…     aside from the hustle and bustle of modern-day life.   There is still room in the daily life  to find a favorite pub and  sit down on a soft couch;  stand and talk next to  gleaming, dark wood paneling or relax  with a piano playing at Betty’s for afternoon or evening  tea.  It doesn’t matter if it is noisy with over-rides of conversation..or the  clanging of glasses…for the one to whom you are talking is all that matters.  This is a way of life that is cherished.

IMG_0568 IMG_0564

England and Scotland  are filled with stone  streets….towering cathedrals and  grand  palaces…which are not counted in hundreds of years, but in some cases.. thousands.   They love their folk- lore tales and the ghosts that haunt.  We were told to be sure to watch out for Room 5 in the 200-year-old manor house where we stayed in Inverness.  Of course, we had to “snoopy around” and find it.  Just as the Loch Ness monster did not appear for us; neither did their ghost.

We will take you, in up-coming writings,  on a snowy train ride through Scotland to some special places such as Edinburgh Castle,IMG_0179sm the Palace of Holyroodhouse, and Holyrood Abbey.     I plan  to share with you  the International market in York, England and even to explore the art graffiti  culture along the railways.   There is definitely too much to cover in this sitting.  However, we hope you will stay with us, “straight away” for this series.

We would like to mention that while at Oxford, we found out that the under-classmen/and women eat their meals in the “loveliest” of surroundings.  Small lamps grace the tables and large portraits peer down upon them of those who have gone before.  These great portraits  would certainly inspire or intimidate…whichever way one may feel about them.  img0634sm3

All choristers from various churches/cathedrals in England and Scotland  have  great competition for these positions. Every chorister must have the  desire to dedicate ones self to hours of practice and nightly services.

We were amazed, at a service we attended at York Minster Cathedral,  that the 78th  psalm was completely sung by these choir boys.  This psalm is at least three pages long in the Holy Scriptures.   Truly, these voices that will change rapidly as they grow older are as close to hearing the voices of angels that one may find.    You may agree with me after viewing the video below.

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