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Palmetto Specialty Group LLC “New Prints of Low Land Country Plantations and Historic Slave Houses”

IMG_0770They stand under the great oaks with moss blowing in the wind.  These are the old, historic slave dwellings.  Life was difficult, but they found a strength to carry on.  Some fled to the north through the Underground Railroad…with help from the white and black population. Most stayed on until the United States of America  passed the Emancipation Proclamation that freed all slaves.  Even then, some did not know what to do outside of these grounds that had Masters who told them what to do.  To see these run-down places, we remember how precious freedom really is….especially to those whose ancestry never knew it.

History, whether good or bad, is important to protect.  Our future generations need to understand its meaning.  That is why we have added many of the photography taken in the low country of South Carolina to our list of available prints.  See these at    Old Slave Dwellings.   (Scroll down the page of prints)

Also, if you missed the in-depth blog about this area, click back at the bottom of this writing  to see what life was like in the “Old South” low country of the USA  “Gone with the Wind”IMG_0839

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