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Margaret Thatcher- Woman who saved the Falklands

Thatcher when a young girl

Thatcher when a young girl

As a young girl, she had no idea that her life would be so amazing.  Now, Margaret Thatcher is dead at 87, but she was woman of her time.


Regardless of your politics, I think most will agree that if a woman is passionate about something in life….and is fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time, she can go after it!

It was not easy to be Prime Minister of one of the world’s great countries, Great Britain. She was not terribly close to the Queen.  It certainly was not easy on her family (as seen in the movie trailer below).  She had the terrible pressures of a failing economy. Nevertheless, Margaret Thatcher is truly a person to be admired.  Not many can fill the shoes of such a challenge.Margaret Thatcher3

Her life only proves that some women have the ability to lead through the good and tough times.   She dealt with Northern Ireland and the Revolutionary Army and the Falkland Islands.(pictured below)

Margaret ThatcherArmy invades Falkland Islands

Margaret ThatcherDeng Xiaoping 1997HongKong

She arranged for the British Colony of Hong Kong to go back to the Chinese.

Much, much more could be said about this woman.

Thatcher speaks to Pakistan's Benazir Bhutto

Thatcher speaks to Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto

She is seen here with Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto who was assassinated.  Being a Prime Minister or head of any country is putting one’s life in harms way.  Yet, she was unafraid to speak out and to act as she thought best.

How ironic that she and one of her best political friends, President Ronald Reagan,  both ended their lives with the devastating disease of Alzheimer.

Today, Boyer Writes honors her in pictures and with the video of 1990 when she was unafraid to stand before the men of Parliament, both liberal and conservative.     Below is a real clip of Margaret Thatcher and the British Parliament.  She will be remembered.

If you did not see The Iron Lady, starring Meryle Streep as Margaret Thatcher, here is a movie trailer that gives highlights of her life.   It is worth viewing the entire film.

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