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boston marathon ambulancesPsalm 46: 1-3

God is our hope and strength,
a very present
help in trouble.

Therefore will we not fear, though the earth be
and though the hills be carried into the midst of the

Though the waters thereof rage and swell,
and though the
mountains shake at the tempest of the same…


medical boston marathonPrayer for Comfort and Hope

Grant unto us, Almighty God, in all time of sore distress, the comfort of the forgiveness of our sins. In time of darkness give us blessed hope, in time of sickness of body give us quiet courage; and when the heart is bowed down, and the soul is very heavy, and life is a burden, and pleasure a weariness, and the sun is too bright, and life too mirthful, then may that Spirit, the Spirit of the Comforter, come upon us, and after our darkness may there be the clear shining of the heavenly light; that so, being uplifted again by Thy mercy, we may pass on through this our mortal life with quiet courage, patient hope, and unshaken trust, hoping through Thy loving-kindness and tender mercy to be delivered from death into the large life of the eternal years. Hear us of Thy mercy, through Jesus Christ our Lord – Amen.

Prayer written by George Dawson

Concert Music in Honor of those whose lives were taken.

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