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American History

American RevolutionAfter this man gives his speech with all its points,  some may ask, “What is he so excited about?  Why is he talking about a 2nd American Revolution?”  Why is he calling Americans “cowards” if they sit back and do nothing?

If anyone asks this question, he may not know what sparked the first American Revolution.  There, of course, were a mixture of reasons. Everything from economic restrictions, ethnic diversity of emigrants, the desire for self-rule, and the one reason that we hear most about was taxation by the British. Here are some thoughts on the matter.

 Reasons for American Revolution:

(1) Taxation without representation in parliament. Colonials thought the English could not control colonies from so far away. (across the pond) Money, people like John Hancock, a great American leader, did not want to pay taxes on his goods being brought into the docks or sent to England, import and export.

(2) Then there was the  “shot heard round the world”.  This  was fired when British soldiers marched out from Boston to seize the guns and ammo we Americans held at Concord. (Let that be a warning to those who  would do the same today.) For Parliament to tax us was also an irritant and a burden.  We had no representation in that body and hence no way to limit those taxes. (Just as we hear of more hidden taxes that may be coming our way today.) Many years after the fight, one of the Massachusetts men, asked why he fought, said something like: We had always governed ourselves; the British intended that we shouldn’t. The causes for the revolution were many, but may all boil down to one thing: self – government.

(3) We might conclude then that the American Revolution was mostly to do with taxation.  It was enough to try to earn a living in the New World without someone taking it from the Old World.

(4) Colonists wanted to separate from England and get rid of taxes.   The tea that was thrown in the harbor at Boston was one demonstration of the people’s resistance to taxation without representation. boston-tea-party

(5) Another cause for the American Revolution started with the French and Indian War. In this war, Great Britain went into much debt. To fix this problem, what they did was pass taxes on the American colonies. This, of course, made the  people extremely unhappy.  Wars drain the purses of all nations.

Some of the causes  written about here resulted in new government, new constitutions, and an independent nation.   Today it is up to our nation and the elected officials to lead…as the men of old had to do.  Perhaps this  is what the man below is  trying to say!   You decide. 

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