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Making Something Out of Nothing….Almost


Creativity is an amazing thing!   I have little patience with those who sit around whining that they have no way to support themselves …when we have a brain and in many cases  good, strong backs.

Take for instance these  pictures by  Ben Curtis and the story about the people in Nairobi, Kenya who have collected  flip-flops that have washed up on the beach and made beautiful toys out of them.

A Flip Flop Giraffe

A Flip Flop Giraffe

flipflopProcess Julie Church started a company that recycles and cleans the beaches where the Indian Ocean’s currents have moved these dirty pieces of rubber.  People now have jobs and are using their creative talents.

Cleaning the Flip Flops

Cleaning the Flip Flops People of the area now have jobs as artisans or workers to recycle these shoes that were littering and ruining the environment.

No need to paint these toys for the colors are built into the rubber.  Just use a keen eye to construct them in the right way and then cut or sculpt the toy.  Imagination is the key!

flipflop MakerKenya

Jackson Mbatha uses a knife to carve part of the neck of a large giraffe. His creations would be award-winning in any art show.flipFlopGiraffMaker

 Hats off to the people of Kenya who find that ingenuity, personal pride and creativity are gifts…that they are using wisely.

 To be able to make something out of almost nothing.…especially something quite beautiful, reminds me that this is exactly what God, our Heavenly Father, did when He created the universe.

 Keep up the good work, people of Kenya…our planet will thank you!

More ingenuity….by men of Kenya.    If you don’t have a musical instrument…just make one!    (See video)

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