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David Roentgen …Creative Genius and Master Cabinet Maker


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My last writing was about brain drain and I suggested some ways to relief this malady including creativity.  A reader sent me an amazing video about  David Roentgen’s creations. (thanks Kelly).     Just who was David Roentgen, this creative genius and cabinet-maker?

David Roentgen

David Roentgen

An article from the Metropolitan Museum of Art tells us that “David Roentgen (1743–1807) was known throughout Europe for his inventive and ingenious mechanical furniture, which found favor in the courts of France and Russia through the patronage of Marie Antoinette and Catherine the Great respectively…

The meteoric rise of the workshop of Abraham Roentgen (1711–1793) and his son David (1743–1807) blazed across eighteenth-century continental Europe…. The cabinet making firm existed from around 1742 to its closing in the early 1800″s. Its innovative designs were combined with intriguing mechanical devices to revolutionize traditional French and English furniture types.David Roentgen Mahogany_bureau_with_a_figure_of_Apollo

From its base in Germany the workshop employed novel marketing and production techniques to serve an international clientage. Some sixty to sixty-five pieces of furniture and clocks… The most complicated mechanical devices are illustrated through virtual animations. Working drawings, portraits of the cabinet makers, their family, and important patrons, as well as a series of documents owned by the Metropolitan Museum and originating from the Roentgen estate, underline the long-overlooked significance and legacy of the Roentgens as Europe’s principal cabinet-maker of the ancien régime.”

David Roentgen had workshops in Paris, but unfortunately the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars brought it all to an end.  “ In 1793 the Revolutionary government, regarding him as an émigré seized the contents of his showrooms and his personal belongings, and after that date he appears neither to have done business in Paris nor to have visited it. Five years later the invasion of Neuwied led to the closing of his workshops; prosperity never returned, and he died half-ruined at Wiesbaden on 12 February 1807.”

Below are two videos  of the genius of David Roentgen.  Send this on to all your friends who are cabinet makers or love wood working.  It is hard to believe such creativity has ever existed.

For all Wood Workers and Inventors

For doll lovers…a music box of Marie Antoinette.

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  1. Lawrence Gingery

    These videos were fascinating. A person with creativity can create so many wonderful things to astound us. I had problems with opening the videos in the blog, so went to You Tube directly and could watch both videos there with no problems. May all of us think creatively a little more today and try something new!


    July 24, 2013 at 22:55

    • Thanks for writing, Larry. Hope everything is good for you and your family. Nancy



      July 25, 2013 at 08:23