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Birth_ the Miracle of Life

In Spring, we see the buds on the trees and then the flowers.   In the Fall, we see the cycle of life once more with the trees going into a time of rest…just to begin the cycle of life once again.   It is the same with other forms of life and in each case it is a miracle given from God, the Creator.

Much was said about the new birth of a king to be recently.  It was as if the world stood still for a few days…waiting…waiting.   There was finally rejoicing as the new parents showed this new, fresh life for the first time.   Yes, his baby boy may make a difference to the world, but somewhere another of God’s creatures is giving birth with no fanfare at all.   None the less, it is a beautiful thing to behold and we are once again amazed at the way the body can produce something that at first seems to be only a mass…but after the struggle, it slowly makes its way out of its protective enclosure. It then appears as  pure elegance. The tender care of both mother and father…with quick adaption to a new life of fresh air and the effort to stand.    Truly, it is the miracle of life.

One may even think of this miracle as a metaphor, in miniature, of our own life…with its glory and our own effort to live and “stand” until the end.

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  1. This piece is so thoughtful! 🙂


    August 1, 2013 at 13:45