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Crowley Maritime…Titan Salvage…Amazing Feat!

Titan Salvage Crew

Titan Salvage Crew

We have watched with amazement at the engineering feat of those who brought the Costa Concordia upright.

Exactly who are those wonder-workers behind the raising of the Costa Concordia?  Months of preparation and finally the recognition that this was a grand achievement that required great courage, skill, or strength.   

Here are some facts about the company that hires the engineers and workers to do this mammoth  job:


  • Crowley was founded in 1892 by Thomas Crowley, the grandfather of current  President and CEO Thomas B. Crowley, Jr.  Mr. Crowley purchased an 18-foot Whitehall rowboat to provide transportation of personnel and supplies to ships anchored on San Francisco Bay.  Services expanded in 1920 to include bay wing and ship assist services in the Los Angeles Harbor.  Bulk petroleum transportation joined the list of company services in 1939.
  • n 1958, Crowley moved into Arctic transportation with an agreement to resupply the U.S government’s Distant Early Warning Line on the Alaska coastline. ( They had some trouble with antitrust laws in Alaska and were fined $800,000  in 1987.)  In 1989, Crowley tugs were first on the scene of the crippled tanker Exxon Valdez  in Prince William Sound, Alaska. 
  • Beginning in 1968, utilizing the earlier pioneering experience in the Arctic, Crowley began summer sealifts of equipment, supplies, buildings and production modules to Prudhoe Bay . Since then, 334 barges carrying nearly 1.3 million tons of cargo have been successfully delivered to the North Slope, including modules the size of ten story buildings and weighing nearly 6,000 tons.
  •  In the 1970s, Crowley began transporting cargo between the U.S. and Puerto Rico…expanding into the Caribbean; Central and South America.  The service primarily consisted of ships and large, triple-deck barges, some of which were 730 feet in length, carrying cargo in trailers and containers.
  • In mid-1994, the top leadership of the corporation changed for only the second time in more than 100 years. Following the passing of his father, Thomas B. Crowley, Jr. was unanimously elected president, chairman of the board, and chief executive officer. (In 2011, Crowley was fined $17,000,000 and plead guilty to one federal price-fixing charge for conduct arising out of illegal agreements between Crowley and its competitors in the Puerto Rico freight market.)
  •  Crowley bought Marine Transport Corporation, a petroleum and chemical transportation company; Speed Cargo Services, a non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC); Apparel Transportation, a Central America logistics services provider to the apparel industry, Yukon Fuel Company and Service Oil and Gas, which are Alaska-based fuel distribution and sales companies, TITAN SALVAGE, a worldwide salvage and emergency response company, Jensen Maritime Consultants, a Seattle-based Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering firm, and Customized Brokers, a Miami-based customs clearance company specializing in perishable, refrigerated cargoes.
  •  The Company is predominantly owned by members of the Crowley family and company employees, and its shares  do not trade on any national securities exchange or in any market. Revenue in 2012 was nearly $1.8 billion.    Their home office is in Jacksonville, Florida, USA and employs 5,300 people. 

As mentioned above, a part of this company is TITAN SALVAGE that was responsible for the raising of the Costa Concordia.   Here are some facts about Titan Salvage:

  • Costa Concordia

    Costa Concordia

    Founded in 1980 by David Parrot, TITAN began as a one-tug towing firm.  In 1982, TITAN’s tug NESTOR and her crew were hired as sub-contractors to assist a Dutch firm on a salvage and wreck removal operation in the Caribbean. When the job became economically unfeasible for the Dutch firm, TITAN took it over and completed it. This success was a milestone for the company, marking it the first of a long series of salvages and wreck removal projects. Throughout the 1980s, the company acquired more tugs, barges and cranes, enabling it to build a regional salvage and wreck removal business in the Caribbean.

  • Uprighting the ship

    Uprighting the ship

    Dick Fairbanks joined TITAN in 1988. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering and years of experience accumulated during his tenure with General Electric’s Marine Steam Turbine Division.  TITAN has been flying its highly trained salvage teams, and chartering vessels of opportunity near the site of a casualty since 1992. 

  • Costa Concordia upright salvage6Crowley Maritime Corporation acquired TITAN Salvage, a worldwide salvage company based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., in 2005. At the time of the acquisition, Tom Crowley Jr., chairman, president and CEO of Crowley Maritime, said, “The new company will take advantage of the experienced personnel, specialized equipment and proven track record at TITAN, and the large tug and barge fleet, diversified business lines, and financial strength of Crowley, to grow the business.”Costa Concordia upright salvage5
  • The tragedy that should not have happened!

    The tragedy that should not have happened!

    Since its founding in 1980, Titan has forged a solid reputation for total commitment to serving the maritime industry’s emergency response needs.  In addition to marine salvage and wreck removal services, TITAN excels at marine firefighting, vessel/ship lightening, underwater fuel removal, damage stability and other rapid marine emergency response services for the maritime industry. All are offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. During the last five years, Titan has performed more than 70 major salvage and wreck removal operations, and more than 300 projects overall, including some of the largest and most difficult wreck removal operations ever accomplished.  


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