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A “Come to Jesus” Moment…Just as I am

GOD, I really need a "Come to Jesus" moment.

GOD, I really need a “Come to Jesus” moment.

Sometimes we hear someone exclaim,  “He had a Come to Jesus moment”   when they are talking  about how someone came to their senses or experienced something very special.   It is  a little on the slang side, but the meaning is there for coming to Jesus is something that happens to people everyday.   Whoever they are…wherever they are…rich, poor, sick, well, successful or on the street…it is a moment in their lives they never forget.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, a mystical thing takes place in the heart and mind.   It is a confidence that has never been experienced…and peace beyond understanding.    He does not ask us to do anything, but to believe …and in believing…he takes us to Himself…forgiving our sins….and making us clean.  The Holy Scriptures says that He remembers our sins no more.

Charlotte Elliott wrote the hymn  JUST AS I AM

Charlotte Elliott

Below are the words and music to the song  “JUST AS I AM”   written by Charlotte Elliott in 1835.  She was a member of the Church of England.  She was also an invalid and suffered greatly  during the last 50 years of her life.  Charlotte was confined to her home and unable to attend church services. After 13 years of being an invalid, at age 32, Charlotte wrote the five verses to “Just As I Am”.

When we come to Jesus, we must come as we are…for it is level ground at the foot of the cross.   No one earns their way ….but simply comes to Him.

I often say I like to pray in the shower…so I challenge you to find a quiet place…and pour out your heart…for He is listening.   Perhaps whether  you know it or not…you  have been looking for a “Come to Jesus” moment in your life.

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