N.W.BOYER…Christian Author… Looking for the Coming of Christ

Slowing Life Down…and Letting in the Light

It is not usual to hear of a young couple today who decided to find life their way.  Such is the story of Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz  who look for little things…old windows…hinges….used wood…and have built themselves a house in the beautiful countryside of West Virginia.   It isn’t a big house…or a fancy house…but a house with natural light.    Even their heritage plays a part in their decision as Lilah learned how to make her own clothes from her mother….and finds enjoyment in continuing this tradition.

Life for this couple, with a vision, is a great contrast to the hurried world of the young city dweller.   They have decided to look through many windows to let the sunlight and moonlight into their lives.  A stroll in the woods; setting up a camera and developing the film…making life as they want it…at a much slower pace.  The view across the lake brings nature into their home; dogs run freely and life is less stressful.   Maybe it is time for all of us to think of making life a little more simple.

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