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For Christmas Eve….A Gift that keeps on GIVING…no better Christmas present

It’s Christmas Eve here in the West.  Little children go to bed thinking of the gift they may receive in their excitement in the morning.   People stop by their church before tucking them in…to remember the perfect Gift that God sent this night.  Gifts were brought by the Wisemen so long ago.  It made me stop to think of another gift that I recently  heard about.

This is the story about a gift to an unknown person.  Parents decided to give their daughter’s heart… after she had been killed in an accident.  In making this  decision, neither parent had any idea what a  perfect gift this would be.   Someone  needed this heart so desperately.  Receiving a gift of such magnitude…and with such gratitude…a life was restored.    A  part of their 13-year-old daughter would live on.  The receiver of this gift would once again be able to care and love a family who may have lost her…except that she would receive a wonderful gift from unselfish people.

  Tender…loving…caring…outside of the gift that God gave of His Only Son…this one represents the best in giving.     Merry Christmas.

Do not miss this touching story…and make your prayers for both families this Christmas Eve.

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