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WHO went there first? A question to be pondered.

Recently my son, Steve, sent me some pictures that can actually  give one a  sweaty palm.   I even stand way back from  the glass in elevators rising inside a hotel lobby.   Take a look at this link below and afterwards tell me if you had the same reaction?

My question to ponder is one that I thought of as I looked a the tiny boards and the bolts holding them to the rocks thousands of feet in the air.   WHO WENT THERE FIRST?   What kind of person would risk everything to make a trail for others or for themselves?   How many people actually fell doing this?    It is hard to say…or actually how old this trail is.  Nevertheless, someone took the risk.

This leads us to think of all the risk-takers of the world. ….the FIRST to strap on a seat to the moon.   Going even further back, the FIRST person who took their ship toward what looked to be the “dropping off edge” of the earth.    The person who FIRST risk taking a medicine that might bring healing to the world….or the FIRST person to dive to the lowest part of the earth.   We could go on thinking of the ones WHO FIRST DID IT….whatever it was.    Courage, patience, determination had to be built into the character.

SO TAKE A HIKE with us to  a place in  China called Mt. Hua Shan… or the “Heavenly Stairs” to a tea-house.  After getting there, you will ponder some more questions along with me….and maybe exactly how will you go back!?   CLICK HERE


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