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domestic violenceWe in America know that police are called regularly to various parts of cities where domestic violence is a problem.  Most men (and women) in the West know that domestic violence is wrong.   Women don’t expect to be beaten when they live with or marry the man they love. Yet, how often a woman will make excuses for this devastating situation….allowing themselves to stay in this violence.   Children also suffer.   Men who have seen their own fathers beat their mothers are more likely to continue the pattern.

Why are some places so filled with this terrible immorality?   Why would some women grow up to expect this is the way they will be treated…not even understanding that it is wrong?  What does the next generation learn from all of this?  These are difficult questions.

Recently the New York Times ran a video story by Carey Wagner about such a culture. The only “Safe Houses” are run by the Christian churches in the area.  Despicable, unlawful….yet, as one man said in explaining his culture,  “To me, a woman was NOTHING…”

The picture shown above is one found on the internet of victims of abuse.  This poor woman looks so tired and worn out from a life that is slowly killing her spirit.   Take a good look.  If you are one of these women, decide today that you will make a decision to remove yourself (and your children ..if you have children) away from the violence that you are enduring.  It may be hard to do this, but plan a safe route to someone who can get help for you.   This may be your local hospital or police…or a trusted friend.   Regardless, it is a step that may save your life.    God help you.

VIDEO from New York Times “Culture of Violence”

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