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You are so beautiful….UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

Love comes in many forms.   The love that is unconditional…but simply says, “I love you” with no special requirements is the best.   It is not because of how you look.  It is not because you can make me happy.  It is not because you have so many talents.   It is because you are who you are…nothing more.

I was touched by a video that demonstrates this kind of love.  In this case, it is the love of a dog to a small child.  “I just want to be near you” it seems to be saying.  “You are small and I am big.  You are human and I am animal.  That doesn’t matter.  There is something about you that I love.  It makes me want to put my paw on you.   It makes me want to roll over.  It makes me think that you can love me too.”


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