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BETTY BIG EARS..a new children’s book on bullying and self-worth

BETTY BIG EARS available of Amazon Books and Kindle

BETTY BIG EARS available at Amazon Books and Kindle

Often children (and teens) find it difficult to deal with their feelings when other children are unkind to them. If you are a child reading this, you know what I mean. If you are a parent who notices your child being unhappy or not wanting to go to school or other places where they are around  children, you also know what I mean.

Sometimes it is just a few words that a bully will say or looks that they give. Other times it is something that they write (a note, text message, or email) that makes a young person believe that he/she is not liked or in some cases hated.    It hurts!   Before that hurt becomes too big to handle, a child needs to find a solution and support.

BETTY BIG EARS addresses this problem.  Betty found out what to do. The purpose of this book is to help children know what is the best action in certain situations. It is for parents to help their children in solving their problems.

Children need to know how important it is to talk to parents, teachers or a trusted adult.  BETTY BIG EARS has a set of questions to discuss at the end. You and your family may find it helpful.

My name is Nancy Boyer and I wrote this book because during my years as a public school teacher in Florida, I observed children who did not fit in or children who were humiliated by other children.   Even though teachers try to deal with these situations, they are not everywhere and children find a way to avoid those in authority.  Sometimes things happen on the way to or from school; on the playground, or in the bathrooms.

Author Nancy W. Boyer

Author Nancy W. Boyer

I believe it is the parent’s responsibility to talk to their children, especially when they seem upset. It is also important for parents to contact the teacher about any problems they are observing.  Parents can  teach a child how to tackle the problem and not let a  bully ruin how they feel about themselves.


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