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“Lord, Have Mercy”…the Big Bang…and Amazing Grace

Portion of the Milky Way NASA photo

Portion of the Milky Way NASA photo

We are in the Christian season of Lent. Christians take stock of their lives; praying special prayers to get ready for the Great Passion of our Lord….and then the glorious Resurrection.

During Lent, some Christians decide to give up something  that they especially like to feel a small taste of the Lord’s suffering.  Hardly can any denial of foods or any other thing really have a comparison to the agony on the cross.  Regardless, it is really the heart in which God takes a look….the motivation…the desire to do something…some small something to honor and remember Him.

My motivation for Lent  is to read something special each day.  My friend, Steve, gave me a tiny book of great wisdom.  He quotes the Fathers and Mothers of the Desert…such as St. Augustine.  I am finding that much of what we say in worship is the wisdom that was given hundreds of years ago.  One word  that stands out is MERCY.   

One definition of mercy is a “kind or forgiving treatment of someone who could be treated harshly.”

Part of the liturgy that we pray from the Book of Common Prayer has a response after each prayer.  “Have mercy on us”or “Lord, hear our prayer.”   Sometimes we wonder what our prayers to an almighty God should be.  He is the maker of the world and all that is in it.  We’ve heard recently  from scientists about gravitational waves and new discoveries of the Big Bang Theory.  However God did it…He was the Author of all we know about the universe.   How do we pray to God of such magnitude?

Let me give an example.  When we are praying about something that concerns us…God knows about it…so we do not have to have long prayers, but simply say  “Lord, have mercy”…about that situation.    If it is a desperate situation, we say, “God help and have mercy.”   It is as simple as that…for He understands all.

  The Christians in the desert of long ago believed that we should find a quietness in prayer.  Perhaps this is why Jesus went into the wilderness…to be quiet and alone with his Father in heaven.   We can learn from this.

If you are reading this and you think God cannot have mercy because of certain things you are doing or have done, you must remember that “His  mercy endures forever.

God have mercy…Christ have mercy.

For this time of Lent, I would like to share something beautiful.  The music you are going to hear played is an unusual instrument. It is called the Pan Flute.  The young man playing it is David Doring, who was born in Kazakhstan.  His official language is Turkic Kazakh.   Enjoy this beautiful rendition  of Amazing Grace.   

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