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For Who am I? THE OLD RUGGED CROSS has the answer.

Look at yourself in the mirror.  You see this person that is complex and wonderfully made.  Look at your hands.  They may look young, but will someday become older hands with bluing veins; thin skin and tiny lines.  Look at your hair.  It will most likely turn from a color to a shade of grey.  You will have lived.   Yes, lived …and in the scheme of things…a very short time on this earth.

As we ride through the country side, we see valleys and mountains.  Throughout the world there are graves…family plots and larger cemeteries where the remains of people lay who once had a life as you do.  Some of them made the most of it.  Some did not….but regardless, they were each unique.  Just as you are unique.

We ask questions about life as the philosophers have done throughout the ages.   Why was I  born and what is my purpose in life?  Only God has those answers. If we seek HIM…at this Lenten season, He may reveal it to us.

One thing that Christ knew, because He knew all, was that He would face an “old rugged cross”.   He could have refused to go to the cross and could have called angels from heaven to protect Him, but He did not.  He simply prayed, “Not My will, but Thine be done.”

He also knows that you will ask this question, “Who am I?”  He has the answer.   Because of the cross, you are God’s child.   You have a loving heavenly Father.   He knows the number of hairs on your head and your future….that is who you are.

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