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Our Legacy and Music for Sunday Morning

GrandStaircaseWhen I was in Switzerland, a man there showed me around his home that had a grand staircase. On this staircase were pictures of all his relatives and descendents from hundreds of years back. It was an impressive place and he could trace ancestors who left Switzerland and founded a colony in the New World. I am certain that not all those in the portraits had done something worthy of being there, but they are part of the past.
Right now we all are “making our past” and what will be remembered about us.

Years from now, when we are no more walking this earth, someone will look at a picture or portrait and say things like “He was an old fussbudget” (related words: bawler, moaner, screamer, squawker, wailer, weeper, crab, grump, malcontent)  or “She was so sweet” (related words: caring, loving, kind, good, pleasant).    These are trivial comments, of course, but how much more would it mean to leave a legacy of faith, honor, loyalty, respect, or courage?     It is something to think about this Sunday morning. People will not remember how much we went to church or  who partied the best…but they will remember something about our character.grand-staircase.2

What will your legacy be?   We may not have our portraits on a grand staircase…but symbolically the wall is blank…waiting to be given your face and mine. Give it some thought as you listen to the music below for Sunday Morning.  (Click on flower)


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  1. I really enjoyed this. When I was younger I always wanted to build water wells or teach English in Africa or Asia. Then it became evident in my personal situation that I couldn’t find a way to make that work.

    I wonder if anyone will even know I was here in 100 years. I’m not happy at merely being less bad than the average person in terms of consumption and the environment. I try to help people every day in small way. The elderly with lifts in the car or carrying bags. Always being nice and helpful and putting others first.

    Most who know me would say I am the nicest person they know but does 10,000 small bits of kindness or selfless acts add up to anything? I can try and think that maybe the baby who I picked up off the road when her mother and pram fell over last month stopped an impending disaster or that the youth I made pick up his trash might see the errors of his ways but apart from making a tiny part of the world a tiny bit better I just don’t know.

    I might be remembered for writing or some as yet unknown act. I’d hope I’d be remembered for being true to myself and my beliefs and helping as many as I can in my own small way. It might not be inventing a cure to cancer or saving 500 hostages from terrorists but in the face of commercialism, disinterest and a general me-first attitude I think it is a sort of moral courage at least.


    May 18, 2014 at 14:39

    • What a beautiful response! I think that you must be true to yourself…your talents; you ambitions, your gentle ways that the world could use more of. God has made only one you and He is ready to use in His ways…small or great. What He thinks about your accomplishments is all that matters. Carry on! Nancy


      May 19, 2014 at 07:07