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Is Russia gathering together the old Soviet Union?

Take a look at this map.  Moldova is next door to Ukraine.  On the other side of Moldova is Romania.  Most predators do not pounce immediately, but slowly creep toward its prey….deciding what is their weakest moment.   Could this be the Russian strategy? Moldova and Ukraine If people of the West were asked to identify the location or tell something of the history of this country, they probably could not do so. Perhaps it is time to inform the uninformed.

THE HISTORY OF MOLDOVA: Tracing back to 1350, Moldova was the Principality of Moldavia. The principality was a vassal of the Ottoman Empire from 1538 until the 1800’s. In 1812, the eastern half of the principality called Bessarabia (which is today’s Moldova) was annexed by the Russian Empire.  (To be annexed is simply to incorporate a territory into an existing political unit.) Known as Moldavian Democratic Republic, Bessarabia became independent in 1918.  In 1940, the Soviet Union again annexed it renaming it Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic. When the USSR was dissolved in 1991, they gained their independence and the name changed once more to the Republic of Moldova.


We ask the question.   “Does Russia have its eye on this country once more?”

THE PEOPLE OF MOLDOVA: Many of the people of Moldova have left the country to seek work in places like Italy because conditions are so poor, especially in the country-side.   Water is often drawn from wells and transportation may be a horse-drawn cart. Many parts of the country does not have in-door plumbing.   According to the BBC,  it is estimated that 4.5 million have left to work abroad…often leaving their children behind.  Some children are staying with grandparents and have seen their parents only a few times over years.  Because of this, 100,000 children across Moldova are growing up without one or both parents. This could, as some have said, become a country of old people and children which would even make economics worse.   Therefore, the families are greatly dependent on the countries of the West.

The next question ”  How would their lives be effected if they are no longer free to seek work in the western countries?”

children of Moldova

children of Moldova

Russian troops in Moldova

Russian troops in Moldova








As far as natural resources, Moldova has deposits of natural gas which had been discovered in the southern part of the country.   In Chisnau, Bauti and Tiraspol, there are thermoelectric power plants that provides power to the southern region of Ukraine and also to Bulgaria through a transmission line.   Perhaps this is the only reason that Mr. Putin would be interested in bringing this small, independent republic “back into the fold”. A part of Moldova, is Transnistria.  Russia has stock-piled huge amounts of weapons and ammunition here…guarded by 2,000 Russian troops.   In 1992 there was a conflict between the Moldova government and ethnic Russian separatists that left 300 people dead.  russian-troops-crimea

Ukrainian border guards at checkpoint of Transnistria region









According to Philip Breedlove, NATO’S  Supreme Allied Commander in Europe and U.S. Air Force General, “There is absolutely sufficient Russian force postured on the eastern border of Ukraine to run to Transnistria if the decision was made to do that, and that is very worrisome.”

Many of the older people think that being a part of Russia would solve their problems.Another question:   ” Are these poor people grasping for a dream that will enslave them further?”  


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  1. I think that is exactly what Russia is up to and from my east european friends and family, they are all highly alarmed. Russia also has Kalingrad in the north too. Putin has given us no reason to assume he is not up to the same thing. I’ve just written a similar piece!


    May 24, 2014 at 13:58