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70th Anniversary of D-Day

Thanks for all your information about D-Day, Stephen.   I am glad to share your writing with my readers.   It is time to fly our flags and remember the brave men and women during those years.   The picture of the Fly-Over was quite impressive.fly over in France D-Day

Stephen Liddell

This time 70 years ago on 6th June 1944, the world held its breath as the largest amphibious military operation even seen was under way.  Operation Overlord was the long-awaited Allied invasion of Nazi held Europe that would lead to the liberation of mainland Europe and 70 years of freedom and democracy.

D-Day was never going to be easy.  Germany had spent years fortifying defences along the coast from the Spanish border in the south to the top of Norway in the north.   The defences were lined with artillery and machine gun nests and most of the beaches were either mined or covered with row after row of barbed wire and anti-ship and anti-tank defences.

At various times the American President thought it was madness, Churchill that it was crazy and better to invade from Portugal and Eisenhower so unconvinced that he had already written a letter explaining its failure.

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