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The Spirit of D-Day Lives On!

Stephen, I have chosen to reblog your writings on D-Day. Thank you for that opportunity. I’ll repeat here what I wrote under your blog:
I don’t think that the senior men and women of today are given credit for their abilities or determination. Before I retired from teaching, I had WWII veterans and Holocaust survivors come to my class to talk one on one with my 5th grade students. Writing down what they had learned from the private interviews, they each gave the account from their notes the next day to the entire class. Those same students are now college graduates, but I don’t think they will ever forget that experience. One fifth grader made the comment, “We may be last generation to actually get to talk directly to these people.” Yes, Bless them…and the young men and women who had the opportunity to get to know them.

Stephen Liddell

A small story which I thought some people like to read involves D-Day veteran Bernard Jordan aged 89.  He was reported missing from his Pines Care home in Hove.

Bernard apparently was told by his care home that he wasn’t able to attend the events in Normandy these last few days whether due to the bookings being full or his old age and frailty.

Apparently Bernard left his home apparently for a regular day out in his home-town and made his own way to Normandy by crossing the English Channel by Ferry and making his own way through France by coach.   By the time he was reported missing in his home, the veteran was already in France wearing his suit and medals which he had hidden under his coat when leaving home.

Bernard Jordan Bernard Jordan as he was during WW2

He wasn’t located until another veteran contacted the authorities in the…

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