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Patience…a moral excellence?


A butterfly lands on his head.

A butterfly lands on his head.


Most of us do not have a great deal of patience.  It is difficult to wait for a ride; stand in line; stand-by for a phone call…and much more.  We want things to happen immediately…if not sooner.   We have heard the saying “Patience is a virtue” and a virtue is defined as  moral excellence.

Most people would not consider their morals as excellent….unless it is the fact that they take the high ground  concerning violence, honesty, morality control and the like. Patience is not what we think of as part of  being a moral person, but it is in many ways. Probably one thinks of it more as an attribute.    The person who pushes the elderly lady out-of-the-way because he/she is impatient or belittles a child because one does not want to be interrupted is bordering on the immoral…because those very acts are closely related to a lack of patience and human selfishness and arrogance.

Our dog, Gracie, has learned patience.  She knows that “You have to wait” means that she cannot go or do whatever it is she wants.   Often on hearing these words, she will lay down but constantly watches  to see if the time for waiting  is over.  If waiting becomes too long, she may raise her head; cast her eyes back and forth…and wait some more.   Children have a harder time with waiting.    This may be because the parent gives in to a look, a cry, or a whine.  Actually, I sometimes have trouble with this myself where Gracie is concerned.  There is something about those pleading, big eyes…well, you know!

Giving in, however,  does not teach the  patience virtue where people are concerned. We have much to learn from our animals.    Oh, if it were easier.   Perhaps blood pressures would be lower; stress would not be a problem and we might all live longer.

At this point, you may be saying to yourself, “When is she ever going to finish this writing?”    Aye, my friend, your patience is to be rewarded a little further  with a  visual of  animal’s patience with their human masters.

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