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Transparency…just forget about it!

We want to know that what we are told by our elected government officials is the truth and nothing but the truth.  However, the fact is that any transparency that we require from our government or any other government on earth is probably never going to happen.  Those in power are more concerned about their reputations or their political careers than the welfare or opinion of the people they represent.   In democratic societies, those who run for office know what the people want….and transparency is a promise that most will make but not keep.  If this is what we expect, we are probably being naive or simply hopeful.   I believe we can just forget that promised transparency will ever happen.

If we have a catastrophe of any kind, whether it is the result of something beyond our control (as natural disasters of floods, landslides, earth-quake etc.), and our man-made equipment or construction explodes or melts-down, we can be certain that we will not hear the truth…perhaps not even close to the truth…for public opinion is a powerful thing that most leaders do not want to confront.

Results of tsunami after earthquake  in Japan

Results of tsunami after earthquake in Japan

Take as an example, the melt-down of the nuclear reactors in Japan after the great earthquake and tsunami  hit that country, killing approximately 16,000 people; destroying 130,000 homes at a cost of 210 billion dollars.  The fall-out from this disaster polluted the waters moving out from Japan toward the U.S.A  and everyplace in between.   The air-pollution also spread out over the globe.   Food was contaminated.  The people were not told soon enough about the terrible dangers.

Nuclear plant  melt-down

Nuclear plant melt-down


Radiation Fallout

Radiation and contamination fall-out

Bags of contaminated radio-active materials

Bags of contaminated radio-active materials

Tanks of contaminated water

Tanks of contaminated water

Health risks for years to come. Baby being checked for leaked radiation.

Health risks for years to come. Baby being checked for leaked radiation.

Why was there not transparency from the Japanese government about the risks to those who survived and the continued leakage of radio-active elements from holding tanks?   The culture of “saving face” may have had a great deal to do with it.

Below is a video explaining this serious problem, which continues until today.   The Japanese are not the only ones with a transparency problem.   We can be certain that many other things that have effected us and will effect  us in the future is hidden away by those who would not give us the truth…until it is too late.   Pessimistic?  Yes…one would say so.   Who then can we trust to act…or speak on our behalf…and the people world-wide?    My mother did a wonderful needle point that she hung on her wall.   It may sum up that question:  ” LIFE IS FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH PRAYER”…as it may be our only option.

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