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“The Voice” for this Sunday Morning

Vavedenje Monestery in Serbia

The voice you will hear is of Divna Ljubojevic. Born in Belgrade in 1970, she studied at the Mokranjac Musical School, graduating from the Novi Sad Musical Academy. Singing  religious music with the choir of Vavedenje monastery,  she was trained by the sisters who held her to the unique style derived from Karlovatz singing. She faithfully cherished traditional Russian singing.

In 1991 she created the Melodi Choir, composed of 10 singers. The repertoire focuses on works belonging to Orthodox sacred music, from the oldest monadic or polyphonic Byzantine, Serbian, Bulgarian and Russian style.
In 1997, with the help of Orthodox Bishop Luka, she founded a choir in Paris St. Sava Church, giving concerts of Slav and Greek liturgical music in Brussels, Senlis and Paris.    The voice is one of praise to God.

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