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Breaking all the rules

Often in life, one has to decide whether to go with the thing that he thinks is right…or follow another path. This was the case with a man who fought in a different way with the American military in Afghanistan.  Some would say he was brave and wise in the way of warfare…the best at what he did.    Others would say he dishonored the uniform and the rules of warfare as well as conduct expected in the American military.

When one listens to former Green Beret Maj. Jim Gant, in the videos, filmed by his mistress and war-correspondent lover, Ann Scott Tyson,  he is foul-mouthed and extremely confident in the type of warfare he believes will secure the hearts and minds of the people of Afghanistan. He looked at them not as a nation of individual citizens, but as a tribal communities who have been warriors for centuries.  He chose to “go native” in his approach to them.

The article and video shown below is not one of condoning  the decisions that Gant and Ann Tyson  made.  It is, however, worth watching to look deeper into decision making.   When one has to decide for one’s self what should be done under extreme situations, he takes many others with him…under the challenge to “trust me”.

Major Gant with tribal leaders

Major Gant with tribal leaders

I leave it up to you, as readers, to draw your own conclusions. Where were they right or wrong? In some cases, it will be easy to decide by drawing lines clearly black and white. Decisions were made by both of these people which effected the lives of many.

We all make decisions in life. Some work out for the best.  Others are disappointing.  Regardless, there are consequences.   Breaking all the rules.. even if the person/ or persons breaking them thinks it is the only right thing to do…may leave many regrets.  It takes digging deep in the soul to finally  to decide if it was worth it all.

Gant and Ann Tyson

Gant and Ann Tyson

The article below is written by Dylan Byers in Politico.  Give yourself time to listen to the ABC video interview.  It is revealing that the struggle continues.

Article and Video (For best viewing, enlarge video picture)The case of Ann Scott Tyson.

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