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Common Decency……

Common decency is the requirement of accepted or respectable behavior expected of human beings.   The head of EVERY nation should be demanding that Mr. Putin show common decency toward the families of those who died in the terrorist attack over Ukraine.

MR. PUTIN, RELEASE THOSE BODIES TO THEIR HOME NATIONS AND FAMILIES.  Leave Ukraine and go home to rebuild your nation’s reputation….or are you the same as your predecessors?

Update as of July 23, 2014:    Finally, some of the remains that were found in the crash site in Ukraine have made their way home.   However, even today, the pro-Russian separatists shot down more aircraft.  Mr. Putin has still not ask for the military to stop the fighting.  Because the site was so badly decimated , the critical evidence and probably still some of the remains are yet to accounted for.


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  1. He is truly awful. I have been saying he is not better than his worst predecessors for around 14 years now. Every time he has an opportunity to do something good or bad, he always opts for the bad. He is rumoured to have stockpiled billions of state funds, has no opposition and murders and imprisons anyone trying to be impartial. All his international friends are the ones that in my estimation are heading to hell.

    I doubt anyone can name any positive Russian contribution to the world since 1917. What should be the richest country in the world due to its enormous resources has its people living in almost poverty. No one aspires to live in Russia or buy anything Russian. The one unfortunate ex-Soviet country that remained under Russian influence is Ukraine, all the others such as Poland, Hungary, the Baltic states are happy, healthy, wealthy and fair nations.

    To have him pretending to pray in a church, the same church that as a KGB agent, he tried to suppress for 60 years, is laughable.

    Stop invading other countries, stop running around in Siberia semi naked and do what a politician should, improve the welfare of all its people and make friends with neighbours not intimidate them.

    The fact that Russia has a population in free-fall and is economically small in comparison to much smaller nations like Germany, France and Britain says it all. Rich Russians, whether legally en-richened or criminals leave the country as soon as they can.


    July 22, 2014 at 02:57

    • Thanks for all your thoughts. My husband went to Russia with a USA team of Christians to help rebuild a dining hall for an orphanage of 200 children that had no hot water…so we understand what the people are going through. He also found out that it was most difficult for anyone to live in Moscow unless they were a part of the growing millionaire class….and our newspaper just today said the “billionaires” are terrified of what Putin is doing to them by this latest move. The rich were getting richer…and afraid of losing it all….and the poor have stayed poor. In fact, what we would consider a professional position…such as a doctor…my husband also stayed with a pediatrician who made $60 dollars (US) a month.
      I was also there with a U.S. student group. We went into a big department store and all the floors were practically empty. A truck was riding down the road with grain flying out all over the place. I asked our driver why they did not cover it with something. He said, “They don’t care…they’ll get paid by the load that arrives..not how much is in the truck.” We also saw ramps all along the road for broken cars to drive up on to be repaired. As we approached the Russian/Polish border, the cars were lined up for miles….asking “why?”…I was told the Russian citizens would line up for days just to get into Poland for supplies and return after shopping. (So I understand what you say about Poland.) In fact, when going through the check-point, the faces on the Russian citizens working there were nothing but totally sad looking. When we arrived in Poland, they were dancing in the streets…because they were having a celebration day.
      We watched the Olympics on TV recently and found it interesting that the people who lived just outside the Olympic village were very poor and having a hard time dealing with all that was going on and the restrictions placed upon them. (Special report…by a journalist who interviewed them.) I guess we will see what will happen next.


      July 22, 2014 at 09:46

  2. Joe Sturges

    Putin would rather play geopolitics than do the decent thing. His current conduct allies his nation with other nations that support and foster terrorism. I am further speechless at how to describe his lack of positive, humane action. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.
    Joe Sturges – Clermont, FL


    July 21, 2014 at 23:30