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Freedom of Speech…is it going out the window?

Freedom of Speech2One thing most bloggers, internet users, publication and book writers, reporters (etc) cherish more than anything is to have the opportunity to write or read what they wish.  There are parts of the internet that I would never make a part of my reading routine.  Nevertheless, what I disagree with and what I appreciate should be my option.

The Constitution of the United States guarantees this freedom to me. It is the document that we look to for keeping liberty alive. US Constitution - We The People

When the cold war seemed to be over,  people, who had never had the openness that we enjoy in the West, rushed to find out what this new freedom was all about.   No one challenges that the ability to contact the world through the internet and social media has become a tool for information…both good and bad.   It seems obvious that this is where the choice of the person comes into play.   Those who want  a friendlier, happier world will use the internet for good.  Those who don’t and have their own agenda for destruction will use it for evil.  Such is the way of the world.  It is made easier and quicker by this new media.Freedom of Speech4

During World War II, radios were taken from the homes of people.  This was, of course, to control information and only allow the subjected people to know what the dictators wanted them to know.  That was then…but the same is true now. It leads us to a question:  Could your freedom of speech eventually go “out the window” regardless of where you live?

Recently, Russia has made laws about the use of the internet  under the pretense of keeping “terrorists” out….(Good luck!)  This may be a new restraint to come for other nations that want to silence their people.  Along with women who are being suppressed  by so-called laws of reform, the laws of speech reform is another type of control.

Freedom of speech is not something one can touch. It is in many ways  like the wind we don’t see. It is powerful and should be recognized as one of the greatest liberties one can have.

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  1. Forrest McGinley

    Thanks, Nancy, for the wonderful blogs! My internet connection has been down and I could not receive anything. The phone was out too!! I am only now getting to read the nice stuff (and listen to the beautiful music) that you sent to me! THANK YOU!!!

    Very best wishes, Forrest


    August 13, 2014 at 22:41