N.W.BOYER…Christian Author… Looking for the Coming of Christ

Life is FRAGILE…handle with PRAYER….and a SEAT BELT?

A picture on the wall was stitched carefully by hand.   It read,” Life is fragile, handle with prayer”.  Such a truth, yet so hard to grasp.   We don’t think of life as fragile, but something that will continue  on.   It is hard to imagine that  breath could stop suddenly without regard to age or status in life.   It just happens…or does it?   Perhaps we have some choice in whether our breathing continues or not.   It may be just as simple as a seat belt.

One rarely thinks that for so long there were no laws to wear this small, strap across our chest.  How insignificant….a simple, little strap is  that may make the difference between life and death.   It may make the difference also  in the grief of a family or the joy in seeing you walk through the door.   No one thinks about it until a police report shows a seat belt was…or was not worn.

Common sense and simply remembering that life is fragile may make a difference each time you turn on  the ignition …..or your teenager does.


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