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SANDHILL CRANES in Florida and Elsewhere

sandhill craneI heard their loud calls this morning and knew the Sandhill cranes were strolling through my yard.   Most of the time the high-pitched call is to warn the others that something or someone is close by.  I have found that if I am quiet, that I can walk up to them with no problem.  They do not seem to fear the human as other birds do. Here in Florida, these birds can be seen  walking through the neighborhoods in a slow, methodical style.  Often one can see them in large numbers in a more rural setting.

The Florida Sandhill Crane is far less common than cranes in other states.  Only about  5,000 are remaining.  Building projects drive them out of their areas for reproducing.  However, in Florida, they are  protected.  Anyone harming them will receive a huge fine.   Their species is under protection of state and federal law.

“Since the loss of habitat is a somewhat controllable cause of a declining population, habitat preservation is a valuable management measure. The current outlook for the Florida sandhill crane, if it can be maintained on the protected habitats, is good. Transplanting wild birds, as well as introducing captive-reared birds into suitable areas where crane numbers are low, appears to be a practical technique in the management of this threatened species. It is hoped that these management strategies, plus continued ecological research, will prevent the Florida sandhill crane from reaching a more critical status.

Sandhill Cranes can be found from Alaska to Florida with journeys in areas in between. So you are not certain if you have seen a sandhill crane?  I have a treat for you filmed in Alaska.  It is an interesting story about a goose that thought he was a sandhill crane.

For your viewing enjoyment, I give you the elegant sandhill crane…and a goose:

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  1. I loved this post and the video. Those cranes are magnificent.

    I have 3 bird feeders in our small garden and after years of planting bushes and trees and providing year round food and natural environs with lots of insects the garden is now flush with birds and bats.


    September 6, 2014 at 14:08

    • Yes, nature is wonderful to see.
      Stephen I am getting ready to write a blog on the WWII Doolittle Raiders. Hope you enjoy it.


      September 6, 2014 at 22:06